SWAF, Inc., developed the AquaLogic™ Storm Water Abatement Filter system as a more effective, more efficient, lower life-cycle cost to the conventional sand basins for treating storm water runoff.  SWAF, Inc., founded in 1997, developed two separate patents for the unique AquaLogic™ storm water runoff processing system.  In addition to holding these patents, SWAF, Inc., dba AquaLogic™ provides in-depth developmental and technical coordination during the design stage and installs the AquaLogic™ system. The property owner has the option of entering into a Lease and Maintenance agreement with AquaLogic™, or purchasing and maintaining the AquaLogic™ system themselves. AquaLogic™ can provide a maintenance/services contract on purchased systems.

SWAF, Inc. developed the AquaLogic™ filtration system because, in selected areas of Texas, state and local regulations require capturing the “first flush” (approximate ½-inch) of storm water drainage from parking lots and other impervious areas that are built over the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and treating the captured runoff to remove pollutants prior to release from the property.  The state regulates these activities through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

After research and development, the AquaLogic™ system was scrutinized under several exhaustive testing protocols to evaluate the effectiveness of the AquaLogic™ system as a permanent structural Best Management Practice (BMP) catch basin filtration system.  The protocols were approved by the TCEQ and the San Antonio Water System (SAWS).  Based on the outcome of the test programs, on August 21, 2000, TCEQ granted unconditional approval of the innovative AquaLogic™ storm water processing system as a permanent structural BMP catch basin within the State of Texas; and at a later date, SAWS granted unconditional approval in the City of San Antonio.

In general, permanent structural BMP catch basin technologies are the preferred methods of storm water runoff treatment over drain inlet and hydrodynamic devices because of their capacity to treat low and high velocity and high volume “first flush” storm events. They also have the ability to store large volumes of suspended solids, metals and other pollutants that are filtered out of the “first flush”.

Prior to AquaLogic™, the only approved permanent structural BMP catch basin technology used within Texas was sedimentation/filtration basins that contain the runoff, and then utilize a sand bed to filter the water to underlying perforated drains.  Sand filter basins require large, bulky permanent structural controls such as rock gabion walls, perforated trash draw down stacks and concrete baffle walls to prevent larger solids and floatable debris from clogging the sand filter media. Historically, these types of basins have been found to be prone to failure and are expensive to maintain.

The AquaLogic™ basin is uniquely different from sand filter basins because it uses computer technology to logically control sedimentation, separation, and filtration within the storm water filtration basin.  The AquaLogic™ system only uses replaceable filter cartridges with a self-contained computer assisted switching system to efficiently remove contaminants.

TCEQ certified the AquaLogic™ system with total suspended solid (TSS) removal efficiencies in excess of 95%; whereas they certified the sand basin technology with only 89% efficiency.  In part because of this, an AquaLogic™ basin is substantially smaller in volume than a sand basin for the same contributing area, and the space required for the vertically placed AquaLogic™ cartridge filters is less than that required for the horizontally placed sand filter media. The AquaLogic™ system can also be installed completely underground, freeing valuable real estate for parking or landscaping.

These efficient design features, result in AquaLogic™ basins being significantly less expensive to construct, operate, and maintain than sand filter basins.  In addition, its cartridge filters can be removed, replaced, and discarded in a matter of minutes resulting in a new media set that is ready for additional rainfall events.

Since its approval in 2000, numerous AquaLogic™ systems have been constructed in the San Antonio and Austin areas.  The unique design and method of treating “first flush” makes AquaLogic™ ideally suited for new basins as well as retrofits of existing sand filter basins.

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